Intelligent Induction Water Dispenser for Cats, Low Valtage Intelligent Sension Mode, Safety and Cute.

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  • More Convenient – Wireless and rechargeable battery-powered: No wires required, the Uahpet cordless cat water fountain uses a large capacity rechargeable battery and can be placed anywhere, creating a quieter and more peaceful pet drinking environment, no need to worry about electric shocks, power outages, or running out of water while away.
  • More Instinctual – Designed to stimulate your pet’s natural instincts to drink water: The Uahpet automatic cat fountain senses your pet’s movement with a motion sensor, releasing fresh water for 15 seconds when they approach. Fresh flowing water encourages your cat to drink more, which can prevent dehydration and urinary tract infections. Fountain can also switch to timed mode, releasing water every 15 minutes for cats who prefer routine.
  • More Safe – 304 stainless steel & External pump: The pet water fountain uses high-quality, durable 304 stainless steel that’s easy to clean and won’t crack, not absorb odors and bacteria, with water and electricity separated external pump for safety. The pump is not in the water, making it electricity safe and preventing bacteria and pollutants. The separation design also makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • More Scientific – Prevents whisker fatigue and contact with the tray bottom: The water fountain’s wide, shallow tray prevents your cat’s whiskers from touching the edges and provides a 140ml capacity that prevents them from drinking bottom dirty water. The water and electricity separation allows the fountain to hold a capacity of 2L (67oz) indeed, enough for 10 days binge drink.
  • More Hygienic – 6 Material circulating filtration system: The 6-layer advanced filtration system, including casing, KDF, ion exchange resin, quartz sand, coconut activated carbon, and cotton, provides cleaner and healthier water for your cat. We recommend changing the filter and sponge every 3-4 weeks (for optimal performance.